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September 30, 2013
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Trickery (england x reader) by Miabia100



‘England’ x Reader




“Help me…”


“Please someone help me…”


There was a lone figure hidden from the bright moon, deep within an alleyway.






If you were to get a closer look you could see the vibrant markings that swell against her skin. Her hair was disheveled and there was dry blood crusted against her forehead and nose. Fresh blood dripped from her moaning mouth.


Most of her clothes were either reduced to sheds of clothe or covered in muck, but one thing was still intact.


Her detectives badge.


This was no ordinary girl, this girl was a world renowned detective.


She was on a case, the hardest one of her career.


But it seems that she was unable to complete it.


She could remember just last week, her boss, Mr. Kirkland had given her the task of finding England’s most notorious villain.


Jack the Ripper.


He killed his victims mercilessly, cutting them to mere pieces of flesh and bone; leaving the police baffled.


(f/n) had been known for her amazing finds and solving’s. She was even considered to be a real life Sherlock Holms.


The detective of the century.


Ha, what a laugh. She couldn’t even figure out such an easy case, or so it seemed.


Her boss Mr. Kirkland couldn’t have found an even worse detective.


Ah. Mr. Kirkland.


A man of his word and a word of his will.


He was her boss and the queens loyal dog.


He obeyed everything he was told, so when the queen had requested his works he immediately turned to (f/n) for help on the subject.


Being the prideful person she was she agreed before he even explained the problem.


“Yes sir! I’m on it!”


“Are you sure (f/n)?”

“Of course! Don’t doubt me sir.”


“I would never, you’d kill me if I tried.”



But that was a week ago.


Without so much as another victims mangled corpse did (f/n) get even a lead.


His killings were at random and his choices were odd.


Only women whom were prostitutes ones that wouldn’t be missed.


“Ugh…” She moaned once more.


Being attacked and hit rapidity by the man in pink.


Who the hell was this man and why did he just out right attack her on her way home from work.


It didn’t matter now, it was over. She was half naked covered in the dirt and grime of 1800’s London.


“Please….someone….AH!” Scared out of her wits she looked to the hand in front of her.


“(f/n)? Are you alright? What happened?” Hearing the voice of her boss she smiled slightly.


“I was attacked.” He looked down.


“By the ripper?” She shook her head.


“No….a man in pink.” Kirkland’s eyes went dark.


“Is that so?” (f/n) was confused when he took his hand back and glared at her.


“Did he have bright lavender eyes with tints of blue?” She nodded quickly.


“Yes! Yes, that’s him, is he a new criminal?” She asked hopefully.


“No.” He spoke coldly before smiling.


“Lets get you home, yeah?” She was about to rise when he pushed her down.


“Not yet, we have to clean you up first.” He said happily.


“Mr. Kirk-“ He cut her off.


“So did he have light blonde hair? Like this?” He pushed his dirty blonde hair slightly and the wig fell over.


“Mr. Kirk-“


“And what of this? Pink eyes huh?” He rubbed his eyes and his beautiful ember iris’ fell out.


“Contacts….” She was beyond frightened.


“How about those clothes?” He pulled off his trousers and removed his green trench coat.




All bright pink.


“You look surprised. Are you not happy? You caught me.” She couldn’t breath as she scuttled slowly against a brick wall lifting up her trusty knife.


“Oh would you look at that. Stab me.” He leaned in closer to the young maiden.


“Go on.” He grabbed her hand and poked his throat before pulling back in laughter.


“You can’t even do it!” He wiped some tears from his eyes and spoke again.


 “I had to change my looks, to change my very personality to get you to look at me. How are you not satisfied! I became the very formal, boring, snob of a man that you’d always seemed to have a taste for.” He spat out quickly.



“No buts (f/n), you took to long and now you candies gone! Hahaha! Goodbye!” He smiled graciously before pointing his knife her way.


“See you in the sugar coated hills of Hell.”




“Please no…”




The bright red was enticing, almost like the strawberry syrup flown across the top of vanilla ice cream; perhaps he’d take a few samples to put into his next cupcake.


But the sound of her gurgling was what set him off, he’d began to nod his head as if listening to a musical.


“You have a beautiful voice Ms. (f/n).


Her eyes began to roll into the back of her head as the tears flew down her face.


“Welcome to your worst nightmare.” He finished slicing at her throat until she was unrecognizable.


The ripper shall live on.


In all of us.











This is my final contest entry for 'House of Hetalia's' 'Innumerable themes' This is number 149


In case you are confused about the ending: It explains how you have to change yourself to get things.....except sometimes those things don't like being pushed back into your mind.....and sometimes you may just go.....insane.
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