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November 9, 2013
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I Had Fun…Thanks
(Germany x Nerd! Reader)



“You know, dressing up in costume is always fun!” I giggled out quietly as I sipped my tea next to my boyfriend, Ludwig.


“(F/n), that’s silly, it’s not even Halloween.” Completely disregarding my idea I slumped more into the couch.

“B-but I heard that dressing up helps express the mind!” He didn’t even look up from his book.


“……Even fetishes~” I felt the couch jump slightly as the words left my lips, I took a sip of my tea letting the idea register n his mind.


“Dirty, dirty Luddy~” I giggle quietly.


“…..(f/n)…..” Looking over I saw his face completely engulfed in the large book.


“Ja?” I asked, picking up German phrases from my years around him.


“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Glaring at the black-screened television I watched his reflection.


He’d make an AMAZING Erwin from Attack on Titan!


I have to, NO, I must! Get him to agree!


“You should watch an anime with me.” I asked straightforwardly. If giving hints didn’t work then maybe throwing it at him would.


“Nein. Anime is something you should watch with Kiku, I am fine with my books and documentaries.” I giggled thinking of something witty to come back with.


“Manga is a type of book! I’ll let you borrow some!” I sat up, determination in my eyes.


“N-nein! I-I’m fine!” He gripped my arm gently before handing me my almost empty (fav type of tea).


“Ok…” I sighed before playing with his gelled back hair letting it out.


“Really leiben?” I tee-hee, getting a good laugh at his reaction.


“Ja, I love your hair it’s so shiny and clean!” He nodded before chuckling to himself.


“I suppose.”


After about another hour of relaxation I brought up the cosplay idea again, the perfect character he could play as eating at my mind.




“What?” I sighed before looking over to my boyfriend.


“…..convention…..” He sighed before closing his eyes.


“(F/n)? I can’t understand your mumbling.” I felt my eyes go downward in embarrassment, cheeks darkening.


“I wanna go to….” He nodded, asking me to go on.


“IWANNAGOTOANANIMECONNVENTIONANDINEEDAPARTNERFORMYCOSPLAY!” Shouting into his ear he glared at me but then he softened.


“Please don’t shout. And slower.” I nodded obediently.


“I wanna go to an anime conven-“


“Nein.” I could hear the cement in his answer.


“But Luddy~ hear me out!” He looked away blushing, he always hated when I used that nickname, made him feel less manly hahaha. That was impossible no matter how you looked at it.


“Nein (f/n).” I puffed out my cheeks cutely.


“Come on please? For me?” I asked as he turned his head back slightly.




“You know you want to~” If I had to seduce him then I would! FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS AWESOME!


“….N-nein.” I could hear the waver in his voice! Yay!

“Lets get you the proper cosplay!” Ignoring anymore of his protests I handed him a few manga’s for him to look for a character!


“But (f/n), I already told you I’m not one for dressing u-“


“Cosplay, theirs a difference!” He sighed before rubbing his temples.


“Fine, but this ‘cosplay’,” he did air quotes, “better be simple. Or I’m not wearing it in public.” Jumping for joy I kissed him harshly and ran up the stairs to our bedroom.


“Well then.” I could hear him chuckle from beneath me, how embarrassing!


Running about our small bedroom I looked on my side of the closet that was less then perfection when looking at Luddy’s crisp side.


“Alright! I’m so excited!” Grabbing one of my many trunks full of fabrics and wigs I pulled it out and made enough space for me to work.


The anime convention was in two weeks, plenty of time. (Do you hear my sarcasm?)


“Oh Ludwig~ I need you to come here! I have to work on your measurements!!!”


“Mir helfen…”




A few weeks later~


“I HAVE DONE IT! BOW DOWN TO MY AWESOMENESS!” I yelled as I held up the Erwin Smith boots with matching pantaloons!


“Now….to find that man.” Looking up and down at the surrounding areas I saw Ludwig in the kitchen making wurst and drinking a cup of coffee that defiantly spiked with a few ounces of beer.


“Hey,” I walked over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “What time is it? I thought you went to bed.” He chuckled before ruffling my hair.


“I did. It’s seven in the morning.” It took me a minute to realize how late err early it was.


“SHITSHITSHITSHIT!” Grabbing the large man by the arm and dragging him up the stairs with unknown strength I threw him into the room and pulled out the cosplay.


“Here!” Removing all of his clothes in five seconds flat, oblivious to how awkward this was I put him back in appropriate wear.


“Ok, you see this picture?” He nodded, “gel your hair this way!” Scared of me at the moment, he just nodded before sighing.


“What’s gotten into you lieben?” I didn’t answer and just continued to mess with my own hair and clothes.


After about another twenty minutes of dressing and wig combing I calmed down.


“Ah..” I heard a knock at the door and I turned around.


“Have you finally calmed down?” I nodded before large stars formed in my eyes.


“JA!” Hugging ‘Erwin’ tightly I giggled.


“I knew this would work!” He couldn’t help but smile at me.


“I’m glad I was able to make you happy at…what is this….c-cosplay?” Nodding once more I chuckled at his inability to become his character.


“Whom are you cosplaying as?” He asked.


“I’m Zoe Hanji!” I could easily do her character, although Rivaille was also a good choice….


“Lets go! Grab the passes!” Running out the door with my favorite purse I jumped into our vintage kubelwagen.


“Wait up! Here!” Juggling the passes, food, money, and anything else I seemed to ignore as I rushed out.


“Sorry…..thanks!” I giggled nervously as he shut his car door.


“Where am I going?” Completely forgetting that the German male had never been to a convention I ran out the car and pushed him to the passengers seat.


“Alright! Hang on tightly if you wanna live!” I laughed as his face went from calm to scared in a matter of seconds.


“W-wait (f/n)! Who taught you to-“ Pulling off at high speed I pulled out of the neighborhood and onto the not so heavy highway.


“I learned from the best! Feli taught me back in high school!” His face turned dark as he said a pray, buckled up, and held onto the door.


“If I die, just know that I loved you even if you are the reason I die.” I chuckled at his hyperventilating.


“You won’t die!” I sped up.


Driving around other cars, screaming at them in whatever German Gilbert had taught me, and speeding on a large bridge did I finally here his screams.


Arriving at our destination did I feel my eyes tear up.


“We’ve made it to heaven!” Running about the heavily populated arena full of others in various cosplay, I forgot about my boyfriend.


“(F/n)!” Hearing his voice distance it’s self I just yelled here and continued to move about.


“OMG! I love your L cosplay! Let me get a pick!” Staying in character the cosplayer gave a shy smiled while holding up a icing covered fork.


“Thanks.” They said before walking away.


“Time to go and find more awesome cosplay!” Running back and forth finding, Adventure Time, OHSHC, Hetalia, Black Butler, Fairytail, Blue Exorcist, FMA, Nintendo, Sega, Vocaloid, Bleach, Clannad, Angel Beats, Code Geass, Darker than Black, Sailor Moon, and many MANY more.


Right now I was dealing with a Shizou throwing ‘heavy’ light posts at an ‘on key’ Izaya laugh from Durarara.


“Ok! I got it thanks guys!” Nodding they continued to pose for more pictures from other people.


“I wonder where Luddy is…it’s been at least four hours si-AW!” Running over to wear I saw a large gathering of other people cosplaying in SNK uniform.


“Cool! They’re taking a large group photo!” Squeezing in between about twenty other Hanji’s I looked over to the ten Erwin’s to see if one of them were mine.


“Thanks for the awesome picture guys! If you’d like one you can find us over at the exit!” Waving brightly the two guys who took the SNK filled pic walked away.


“Awesome wig dude! How did you get the blond so…well blonde, I bleached mine and dyed mine at least five times.”


“And look at the sowing on the badges! Mine came out lopsided…”


“Um well….I’m naturally this blonde and my freundin did everything else for me.” Turning my eyes over to the heavily accented voice of one of the many Erwin’s did I realize that it was mine.


“LUDDY!” pushing my way through the thorn of people, I had reached him.


“I was looking for you (f/n) don’t worry me like that, and to make matters worse these people forced me into their picture.” Giving the others around us a death glare they just looked away or took pictures.


And here come the random fanfics about ‘Hanji and Erwin.’


“I’m sorry but look at all the pics I’d gotten while you where away!” Flipping though about seventy pictures I yawned.

“I’m tired.“ I said simply before I felt arms warp themselves around me bride style.


“Alright, I think that’s enough fun for one day, it looks like you tired your self out.” Nodding I let myself be drifted out of the convention.


Cheers and fangirls rabid screams muffled from within Ludwig’s chest.


“I SHIP THAT!” I heard one person yell before I fell asleep.



“(F/n)?” Feeling a gentle shove I jolted awake.


“Yes!?” Turning over to the driver’s side I saw Luddy’s face beet red while looking outside.


“Ich hatte Spaß…danke.” My eyebrows furred together at his words, trying to understand my limited German vocabulary I sighed.


“What does that mean?” Smirking slightly he turned to me.


“Gut, that’s for me to know and you to never find out.” I glared playfully before rolling over to my side and letting Ludwig’s calm driving lull me to sleep.





Extended ending!


“You do know that anime conventions usually last for more then a day right? In other words….we get to come back again!”




I hope you all liked it! I’ve never done a Germany story but I was planning on doing one in the future!


This was a request from :iconfirerose333:


That means no part two! Sorry~


Thanks for reading!






Nein: No


Lieben: Love


Mir helfen: Help me..


Kubelwagen: A German vehicle from the 1940’s, it is literally translated to ‘Bucket car.’ This is also the car that Germany is seen driving in one of the Episodes.


Ja: Yes


freundin: Girlfriend


Ich hatte Spaß: NOPE! MWAHAHA, It’s for Ludwig to know and you to never find out! (I actually obviously placed it in here….try and find it!)


Danke: Thanks

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