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November 16, 2013
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Chinaxreader  Over A Stuffed Toy  By Cyndyrell by Miabia100

I Stole His Heart And Now He Wants Mine


(China x Reader)



 Based off of the song 'Steal his heart' 

You guys should listen to it to get that vibe!


“Is he here yet?” I asked my best friend Mai.


“No, not yet (f/n). Are you sure you wanna do this?” I nodded, eyes locked on my feet as I stuck them in my boots.


“Of course! This is the only way!” I giggled at her startled face, she cracked a smile.


“He’s here.” Without another word I Threw on my coat before dashing to the front of my yard.


Waiting for him to put his bike break on I smiled.


“Ni hao (f/n). How are you today?” I watched as his eyes brightened at the sight of me.


“I’m great and you?” He wiped some sweat from his brow.


“I’ve had better days, but I feel as though it’s gotten better now that I’ve seen you.” My face reddens but I don’t acknowledge it.


He did though.


“You know, you look really cute today (f/n), I like your jacket.” I looked down at my (f/c) jacket before waving at him.


“Just give me the mail you big goof.” Chuckling at my shyness he hands me a few envelopes before bowing and walking over to the other house a cross the street.


Waiting for him to get far enough I run over to his ten-speed bike and jump on.


Feeling giddy I get my feet onto the pedals and wait for him.


Watching as he comes over slightly surprised to see me on his ride I giggle.


“(F/n)? What are you doing?”


“What’s it look like?” I respond playfully.


He just gives me a look of confusion, then the ‘are you serious right now?’ kinda look.


I just give him the ‘what do you think’ look.


“Really?” His long hair blows behind him as the winds pick up.


I don’t respond, I just wrap my own hair behind my ear and smile.


He slowly but cautiously walks towards me.


“Bye bye Yao.” I take off.


I can see him walk out from behind my neighbors bushes with his hands in the air.


I meet his eyes before he takes off after me.


I speed off over some streets, behind a few bends before coming to a bus.


“WAIT!” I shout as I put his bikes kick stand up and run onto the vehicle.


Not too long after it starts up Yao comes from behind a wall and stops to take a breath. He sees his bike and looks around.


I hear him curse slightly in Chinese as he looks up, seeing my form engulfed in the people on the bus.


He takes off yet again, this time after the bus that was carrying me.


He’s close, but not close enough and soon after starting he disappears behind traffic.


I’ve lost him.


The bus comes to a train station, this is where I get off, I walk over to the large metal machine and grab a seat.


Peering out my window who is that I see?



He’s running to the moving snake with fast feet.


I smile and stick out my tongue as we enter a large tunnel.


He disappears again.


The train ride was nice and quiet.


It gave me time to think and time to relax.


Why was I doing this you ask?


 I don’t know.


Why would I steal his bike and make him chase me?


I don’t have the answer. Yet.


Not long after I’d gotten on, I’d made it to the coast, where I watch as the waves crash against the shore line.


It was as pretty, if only I had someone to share it with.


I grabbed a piece of my cotton candy and listen to the waters.


Hearing an unfamiliar sound I turn around quickly to see a smiling Yao.


“Hey there stranger.” He says, a hidden chuckle under his knowing face.


 “Hi.” I didn’t expect him to come all the way out here.


But he did.


“So, are you going to tell me why you stole my bike?” He asks, bronze eyes in question.


I just laugh loudly.


“No reason.” He nods.


“Can I have some of your candy as repayment?” He holds his hand out expecting me to provide.


I shake my head and he tries to steal it from me but I take off again.


I turn my head back only to see him behind me.


“Come on (f/n)! I want some!”


I laugh again and speed up losing him at some point.


Soon after stopping I make it to the carnival that ran on the beach.


Running over to my favorite ride I jump onto the moving carousel.


Filled with children and couples.


How lonely am I? Really.


I watch, waiting for Yao to appear again.


And do I see him?




“When are you going to stop resisting!?” He asks, his arms crossed, face tired with a grin.


“NEVER!” I laugh once more as the carousel takes another spin around.


I see him again and this time he takes out a letter apparently addressed to me.


“This is for you!” He throws the letter in my direction, which I catch thankfully.


Opening it as the ride comes to an end; I read it.


“A bill?” I ask, face slightly red in anger.


“No! Read the back!” I gave him a look before he turned his head down.


I love being around you not because you're beautiful, but because you're witty, intelligent, and fun. I can't wait to spend my life with you. I'll love you forever, and I promise you I'll be your last guy.”- Yao Wang, your mailman


I felt my face heat up completely at Yao’s envelope.


An envelope that was originally a pain in the ass.


An envelope that was originally something I’d regard as an abomination.


Yao had turned it into a proclamation of love, my own mailman.


My mailman, I’d stolen his heart without even trying, and to return the favor he’d stolen mine in less then a day.


Chasing me on this wild goose hunt, following me just to get me this letter.


A letter that was messily written with misspellings. A letter with tea stains and smudged blue pen markings. A letter that could easily and simply explain how much he loved me.


Now I know why I decided to plan out this hunt, this game.


I did it because I wanted to know how true he’d be to me.


I’d stolen his heart and now he wanted mine.


And without even knowing it I'd given it to him.



This was a request from one of my awesome friends  :iconlovingallisposible:

This will not be continued unless she asks for it to be, since it was a request from a friend of mine. I only do continuations for friends so please don’t blow up because you didn’t get one.

 Thanks for reading!

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