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Sweden Pissed by Miabia100
Things You Do When Pregnant


(Sweden x Pregnant! OC)









“And why not? I thought that I was the one carrying the baby.”


“I said no, Mao.” A young women in her early twenties grumbled inaudible things before situating herself back besides her husband.


“But why?! I just wanna go out and have a little fun Sve!” The Swedish male sent his wife a look causing her to only get squirmier.


“So you’re telling me that I cant just have a little fun? I’M 8 MONTHS PREGNET!” Mao pointed to her over sized abdomen to show her point. “Then can we go and visit some friends at least?” Berwald sighed before standing up and walking over to their house phone.

“How about they come and visit us?” He suggested; Mao only pulled on her multicolored strands in anguish.


“Ber. I want. To. Leave. The. House.” She begged through tight teeth, this only made Berwald smile.


“I know.” He wrapped his arms around her waist protectively. “But, I only want what’s best for my wife and my baby.” Mao sighed in defeat.


“Fine. Only if you get me some ice cream. And not the dollar store kind, I want the best ones from across town.” The tall man chocked on his spit before nodding and giving his lover a lingering kiss on the check.

“Alright. Promise you will stay in the house, ja?” Mao nodded reassuringly before sitting back down on the couch like the perfect wife.


“We can watch a movie when I get back. Farväl.” Mao waved her husband off; once the door was shut she ran over to the window and waited until he was out of seeing distance of her. That’s when she jumped into action.

“Mathias? Are you still in the closet?” She called out hoping that her older cousin-in- law was still camping out in their downstairs closet.


“Hell yeah!” Mathias’ form popped from behind a couple of coats as the door swung open allowing him to breath in fresh air. He then ran over to Mao giving her a bear hug.


“Thanks for waiting it out.” Mao said from within his shoulder. Mathias chuckled before letting go.

“Anytime sis, now, tell me where you want to go and we’ll go.” Mao thought over his proposition for a awhile before coming up wit an idea. A visit to ‘First Steps’ a few blocks away from here sounded like a good idea.


“How about we visit the nursery and pick out a few things?” Mathias nodded and grabbed the keys to his car, which was hidden down the street from the house.


“I’ll pull up, you can just sit here and w-“


“I’ll come with you, I’ve been on my ass way to long to just sit and wait!” Mao yelled over to his form strongly.


“That’s my sis!” Mathias grabbed her hand and helped her out the house into the blistering cold airs of March. After a short trip to the car they got in and drove to their destination in a rush. Berwald would be back in about an hour, and a missing Mao could cause mass hysteria.






“Do you like this one?” Mao was holding up a cute onesie for the unborn child, they had no clue what gender it was going to be so she stuck with neutral colors like yellow and orange.


“I like that one, do you think old man Ber would be cool enough to handle this baby swing?” Mathias pointed to a baby ‘ten speed’ swing with a contraption like compartment that let it swing insanely fast. Mao only laughed in return before nodding.


“He’d kill me if he saw something like that in the baby’s room. Plus, he’d be asking where something so big even came from so that’s a no.” Mathias nodded before rushing over to some more baby toys.


“Maybe some clothes and a couple of small teddy bears? I could say that Tino and Emil stopped by and dropped them off?” Mathias thought it over for a second before nodding in agreement. After all, Tino loved to knit and Emil was just tsundere enough to not say anything about it if Berwald were to ask.


“Ok, I think this is plenty of stuff, lets pay and head back before Ber Ber notices that I’ve gone.” They trotted over to the counter paid, and proceeded the excoriating drive back with daytime traffic and over all black ice.


“OMG you better slow down Mathias! You could kill us ya’ dunce.” Mao called out  sarcastically as they slowly sped past a few cars that weren’t in traffic.


“Well I have to drive like this to keep us from dying and getting to your house earlier then Berwald. Do you want me to die?” Mao only giggled signaling that she could care less.


“You’re evil you know that?”


“Thank you! I take that as a compliment!”





Somewhere off closer to Mao and Berwald house stood a frightened Swedish man. He’d come home only ten minutes ago and his wife was missing, the car was still in the drive way but his wife was gone! He’d looked around and called her name, even pretended to have melted the ice cream but to no use.


“Mao!? MAO!?” He cried out before walking over to his doorstep to sit and think. He could call the police but what if she’d just up and left? She was the delinquent type.


“I bet she just left the house.” Berwald said indifferently before thinking of ways to handle how dangerous the situation was. Not only was she pregnant but also a heavy snowstorm was approaching.


Just as he was about to wait it out in the house he saw a very familiar Danish sports car drive past his house, his deep blue eyes met with a zesty oceanic blue causing the driver to speed up immensely.


Berwald stood up and walked over to it.





“Do you have everything Mao? I think Berwald may have spotted me so I have to g-what is it?” Mao’s face was painted white as she pointed her finger up to the window. There standing with a stale face stood the love of her life.


“H-Hej there Ber…whatcha doing ho-GAH O-OK O-OK GENTAL!” Berwald had opened the car door and grabbed Mathias by the tie in one swift movement.

“Explain why min fru och mitt barn are in your car right now?” The harsh Swedish was doubled when Berwald crushed out his words. The atmosphere turned dense.


“I-I SHE MADE ME DO IT!” Mathias cried out, of course he’d rat the girl out, he could be a pansy when to came to Berwald.


“Ok. Leave, and don’t come back.” Berwald growled out before helping Mao out of the car. The duo watched as their friend drove away like a madman on holiday.


“Explain.” Berwald’s harsh eyes softened slightly when he met up with Mao’s. She scoffed before telling him where they went.


“But why?” Mao sighed and looked down to the newly fallen snow.


“Because I wanted to get out the house for a little bit.” Mao answered truthfully earning a hug from Berwald.


“I was so worried..” Mao softened up to his touch before digging her red face into a crease in his coat. She nodded lovingly before kissing his lips gently.


“I’m sorry I made you worry, I just needed a break. I promise to be more carful.” Mao placed a hand over her heart. “Scouts honor.” Ber gave her a look of amusement.


“Since when were you a scout Mao?” Mao scoffed again.


“Since now.” She pulled his head close to her face while grinning evilly.


“Give me another kiss before I get put on probation.” The swede thought for a minute before complying.







“Don’t forget Mao.” Mao looked up from her half empty jar of ice cream with sardines. Being pregnant had its pros and cons. This was a con.


“What?” She asked, mouth full ice frost and fish guts.


“My house, my rules, ja?”


“Ja..” She pouted like a child and puffed her cheeks out cutely before sending him a playful glare.



This was a request from the awesome :iconkeira-giordano: for donating 2 points to my cause! THANKS LOVE!

I hope you liked it! I’ve never done a Sweden fanfic so please, in the comments tell me how I did! ^u^

Thanks for reading, please comment, favorite, and watch for more awesome stories! 

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